Community Preparedness

Emergency preparedness and planning begins with you! Whether it is a tornado, a flood, or a terrorist attack the best person to prepare you and your family for an emergency is you. Having a readiness plan could mean the difference between weathering the storm or suffering immeasurable loss and difficulty.

Many different websites and sources of information exist that can help to prepare you for the unthinkable - a disaster effecting your family. One of the best sources for preparedness information and assistance is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) operated website. Here you can find information about disaster specific preparedness, how to form a family plan, what to expect during a disaster, as well as ways you can get involved in your community. The FEMA Ready site also has kid specific material that can help you bring your children into your planning process for whole family preparedness.

Another reliable source of information is the website or local chapter of the American Red Cross. The red cross is an excellent way to educate you and your family in the life saving skills of CPR and First Aid. Additionally, you can consider whether or not you are willing to donate the gift of life to others through blood donations held by the Red Cross on a regular basis. These important actions can help save the life of a person in your community or even a family member. The Red Cross also has several publications and other informative information on preparedness for you and your family.

When in comes to emergency preparedness one of the most important steps you can take is ensuring that you and your family are educated on the public alerting systems that can warn you of impending danger. The link below will take you to a page which discusses public warning and some of the options available to you. Logo Black
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