Emergency Management Agency

House with car under car port
Firefighters putting out fire

Welcome to the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency Web Page. We are located in the Williamson County Public Safety Center at 304 Beasley Dr. in Franklin, TN. We are constantly striving to deliver up-to-date and dependable information to the general public concerning health and safety issues that could affect the citizens of Williamson County. Please check back often for updates and pertinent information on current news, weather and events. During a disaster we manage the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

The EOC is the hub of any large scale event staffed with personnel from different agencies involved in decision making and information dissemination, personnel work together under the National Incident Management System in a joint effort to manage the incident and provide for the safety of Williamson County citizens by coordinated responses and mitigation. Williamson County EMA is often called upon to assist in locating lost or endangered persons, hazardous materials incidents, motor vehicle accidents and special events. Specialized equipment, trained personnel and other resources make Williamson County EMA’s presence crucial during any disaster. “Planning for the worst, praying for the best!”