"Which phase are we currently in?"

Williamson County is currently vaccinating phases 1a1, 1a2, 1b, and ages 65+. These phases and groups are eligible to make an appointment now.

The vaccine registration process will ask questions that determine your phase for you. If you register for the vaccine and are not in a current phase, the registration process will tell you which phase you are in, and give you the option to be added to the waitlist under that phase.

"Am I allowed to receive my vaccine in a different county?"

Yes, you may get your vaccine in the county of your choosing. When signing up for your appointment, you will be able to view all available vaccine centers.

If I get COVID after my first dose, should I get my second dose or wait?

If you contract COVID after your first dose, wait to receive your second dose until after you have recovered from the virus and your isolation period is completed.

You do not need to wait until 90 days after having the virus to get your second dose.

To reschedule your second dose appointment, use the link in your confirmation email.

"Which vaccine will I be receiving?"

The Williamson County Health Department is administering both the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccines. You will not be able to choose which vaccine you receive. You will receive the vaccine that is currently available at the time of your appointment.

When making your second appointment, you will choose an appointment slot that matches the same the same vaccine as your first dose, so you will receive the same vaccine for both doses.

"Do I need to bring any identification to receive my vaccine?"

An ID is not required. All necessary forms are filled out during the registration process online and when you arrive to receive your vaccine.

For your SECOND dose you will need the vaccine record card that you received at your first dose appointment.

"How do I schedule my 2nd dose appointment?"

You will schedule your 2nd dose during your 1st dose appointment. A smartphone is needed to schedule your 2nd dose, and you will be provided with specific days and time slots to choose from for your appointment.

If you do not have a smartphone, a health department representative will assist you. Do not leave the site without having a second dose appointment scheduled.

You will receive a vaccine card that is your record of your first dose. You will need to have it for your second dose appointment.