Risk Management


The Risk Management Division is responsible for the coordinated effort, using all available methods, to control accidental losses. The loss may be immediate or future in nature and may result in either direct damage to county-owned and operated properties, county personnel, or by damage to the property of others.

Risk Management provides services to approximately 2,800 employees, 300 volunteer firefighters and 20,000 plus students on a daily basis. Our services are also extended to any citizen when enjoined due to an accident for all county and school systems operations.

Risk Management services are apparent in three separate programs:
  • Claims Administration
  • Insurance
  • Safety


The protection of the county against the financial consequences of accidental loss, catastrophic in nature, and the preservation of county assets and public services capabilities from loss, destruction, or depletion.

Claims Administration

The minimization of total long term cost to the county by the prevention and control of accidental losses and their consequences.


The establishment, in which county personnel and members of the community can enjoy safety and security in their daily pursuits.