Handgun Shooting and Safety Class



The Handgun Shooting & Safety Class is an introduction to handgun shooting and will cover the fundamentals of shooting, types of handguns, what to expect at the range, and handgun safety. The class is 3 weeks long and there is no charge for participation. We are open to those that are new and those that want to enhance their education on shooting and safety.

Handgun shooting and safety are serious matters. 4 out of 10 gun owners receive no formal training. A large number of our students over the past 30 years have never shot a gun. Our certified instructors pride themselves in spending significant time ensuring that you are prepared and we have a safe environment for you. Please don’t buy a handgun just to take the class. Handguns are a personal purchase and you will learn about the factors of gun selection for you to make an educated decision. We have loaner handguns available.

We offer 4 classes per year in March, May, August and October. Each class is 3 weeks long which includes both classroom and range time.

Registration is suspended as the August class is full. 
Come back later and registration for The October class will open.

2023 WCSO Handgun Safety Class Schedule

March 7-23 Range: 11th and 18th
May 2-18 Range: 6th and 13th
August 1-17 Range: 5th and 12th
October 3-19 Range: 7th and 14th

Class/Range Time:
Tuesday and Thursday ~ Promptly, 7pm – 9pm
Saturdays ~ Range Time: 8:45am – Noon

Class/Range Location:WCSO – John I Easley Jr Criminal Justice Center
408 Century Ct, Franklin, TN 37064

2023 Open Practice Range Dates: (HGSC Graduates Only)
2/25 * 4/29 * 6/24* 8/26 * 10/28 * 12/30
Held the last Saturday of every even month. Time 8:45am – 11am

To apply fill out the Handgun Safety Class Application (unavailable at this time)

For additional information or if you have questions, please email Rex Thigpen at thigpenmail@gmail.com
Rex Thigpen, Chief Range Officer, NRA Handgun Instructor; State of Tennessee Certified Handgun Instructor