Inmate Services and Information


New intakes reporting to serve time are allowed to bring in each of the following items; 


No long sleeved shirts or thermals allowed!

Nothing can be brought in after an inmate is booked in. Medication can be brought in or dropped off but has to be in the original bottle (No schedule narcotics allowed. No over the counter medication allowed.)


Williamson County Criminal Justice Center-Facility Locator Number 31

Commissary orders can be placed through the kiosk located in each inmate housing area; starting Friday 6:00 pm through Sunday 6:00 pm. Orders will be delivered on Monday afternoon. Inmates must have money on their account prior to placing your order.

 Debit/Credit Cards: Funds MAY BE ADDED to an inmate trust fund account by calling: 1-855-836-3364, or by visiting or by using the kiosks in the lobby area of the facility. All fee information is provided during the deposit process.

CASH: Cash deposits may be made using the kiosk in the lobby area of the Williamson County Criminal Justice Center. The cash deposit fee is $2.95.

MONEY ORDERS: We only deposit U.S Postal money orders; all other money orders are returned to sender. U.S Postal money orders MUST be made payable to Commissary Services of Nashville and the name and I.D number of the person the money is for should be printed clearly on the memo line of the money order. There is no processing fee for money order deposits. U.S Postal Money Orders are deposited before kiosk ordering turns on each Friday and need to be mailed to: Commissary Services of Nashville, P.O. Box 90441, Nashville, TN 37209. 

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), 42 U.S.C. § 15601, et seq., is federal legislation aimed at eliminating sexual abuse and sexual harassment in confinement settings. In accordance with PREA, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) has a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Third parties may report allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment occurring in WCSO facilities to the WCSO in writing, by telephone or in person. Such allegations should be directed to: PREA Coordinator, 408 Century Court, Franklin, TN 37064, telephone: (615) 790-5560. The WCSO shall ensure that an administrative and/or criminal investigation is completed for allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment. Allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment will be referred for investigation to the Criminal Investigation Division of the WCSO, unless the allegation does not involve potentially criminal behavior.

To set up an account or add funds  use

Inmate Visitation Resumes by Video

Beginning November 7, 2020, Onsite Visitation for inmates will be permitted once again at the John I. Easley Jr. Criminal Justice Center at 408 Century Court. The visit times will be Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 AM until 1:30PM. (Last scheduled visit will begin at 1:00PM). Each onsite video visit will be free of charge, and will last approximately 30 minutes each. Inmates will be allowed 2 visits per weekend (1 per weekend day). Inmates will no longer be escorted to the visitation booth for visits. Visits will be conducted via kiosk’s between the housing units and visitation booth. Due to COVID-19, we will only permit one adult visitor per inmate visit. Visitors under 18 will not be permitted to enter the visitation booth. In order to schedule an on location video visit, the visitor must visit or download the VendEngine app to their smart phone or other device, and create an account. There is a Kiosk in the front lobby that can be used to create an account and schedule your visit.

On the date of the visit, the visitor must be present in the CJC Lobby 15 minutes prior to the scheduled visit time to be checked in with the Deputy at the Front Desk. If visitors are not prescheduled before arrival or do not arrive in the lobby on time, they will be required to do so before being allowed to visit. Visitors who have been incarcerated within 1 year of the visit date, will not be permitted into the facility. All visitor rules still apply. Photo ID required. Please bring no unneeded items in the facility with you. Cell Phones will not be permitted. Every visitor must wear a mask.

Inmate Initiated Off Site Video Chat, and text/email messaging services will be disabled during these times to allow onsite visitation to take place on the kiosk’s. Inmates, Family and Friends, will still be able to utilize the Inmate Initiated Off Site Video Chat system any other time during the week.


Eligibility Requirements for Visits:
Inmate must be locked down for 30 days prior to visit
Inmate may not receive any disciplinary actions 30 days prior to visit
No security lockdowns or 2 deputies present may have visits 

Male Visits are:
730 AM on the first Sunday of the month
800 AM on the first Sunday of the month

Female Visits are:
11 AM on the first Sunday of the month

*All normal visitation rules apply.  Visits are 30 minutes and run on a first come first serve basis. Visitors must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the visit.  Valid photo ID is required to check in for a visit.  Up to 2 adults and 3 children are permitted to visit.  Inmates are allowed only 1 visit per day.

Visitor’s Dress Code at the Williamson County Jail
Revised and Effective October 1, 2014
All visitors entering the Williamson County Jail must be appropriately dressed.  Any clothing or clothing articles that are considered inappropriate will not be permitted to be worn.  Some clothing articles and accessories are prohibited.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in denial of admission to the grounds and/or visiting rooms.
Office bathrooms may not be utilized as changing rooms and the Office will not provide any garments or the means to alter any garments to comply with these following requirements.

No orange clothing: No item of solid orange clothing may be worn anywhere on the grounds of the Williamson County Jail, including the visiting room.

No black stripes:  No item of black stripes clothing may be worn anywhere on the grounds of the Williamson County Jail, including the visiting room.

Tight fitting or provocative clothing:  Short skirts, short shorts, athletic shorts, tank tops, strapless tops, low cut halter tops, see-through clothing, bare midriffs, bare feet, leggings or spandex or yoga pants without a long cover or dress over them, and bathing suits are prohibited.  Skirts and shorts may not be any shorter than 3 inches above the knee in a standing position.

Undergarments:  Proper undergarments must be worn.

 Headwear:  No hats, headbands, scarves, metal hair pins or bandanas may be worn.  Exception:  Religious headwear may be worn but must be removed for security inspection prior to entering the visiting room.

Ripped clothing: Clothing with visible holes are not allowed.

Tobacco, Phones and Mobile Devices:  Visitors are not permitted to smoke, carry tobacco products or use cellular telephones or other mobile devices on the grounds of the Williamson County Jail.  These items should be secured in your vehicle or left at home if you plan to visit.

Advertising Logos:  No vehicles or articles displaying a logo of a company will be allowed in the Williamson County Jail or on the parking lots of the Williamson County Jail.  Exception is for deliveries or working with Williamson County Sheriff’s Office personnel.