Triune Public Open House

In November 2018, the Williamson County Planning Commission adopted the Triune Special Area Plan, which articulates a shared vision for the future of the Triune area and makes specific recommendations regarding future development and preservation issues. The Plan, which was developed with extensive community participation, recommends certain changes to land use policies and development standards in the area. Following adoption of the Plan, the Planning Department, along with the Triune Citizens Advisory Committee, began working to craft a tailored set of development standards to help implement the policies and recommendations of the Plan. A draft of those standards is now complete, and a public open house regarding the standards has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 24 at 6:30 PM at the Triune United Methodist Church (7906 Nolensville Rd., Arrington, TN 37014). 

Triune Special Area Plan

Draft Triune Table of Allowed Uses

Draft Triune Development Standards