Debris Management

Individuals seeking to remove debris from their properties following a disaster should review their city or county’s proper debris removal protocol before disposing of debris. During a disaster, your city or county will communicate how to best dispose of your debris via their website, social media, emergency alert systems or through press releases. 

Below is a running list of information you may need regarding debris removal in your area. Please keep in mind that this protocol may change depending on the type of disaster, community need, or department capabilities. 

Crisis Cleanup

Crisis Cleanup Website

Crisis Cleanup is an organization that connects those needed assistance with damage to volunteer organizations. All services are free, but not guaranteed due to the overwhelming need. Call the Tennessee Flood Cleanup Hotline at (833) 904-1085.

City of Brentwood

Brentwood Flooding Damage Website

Debris must be at the road (not on a truck or trailer) and separated into three piles by furniture, appliances, and construction materials.  Public Work crews will also check other areas that have listed damage in the Citizen Storm Damage survey.

Brentwood Public Work crews will only be able to pick up items from damaged homes. You can reach them at (615) 371-0080. All others can take items to a Williamson County Convenience Center.

City of Franklin

Franklin Debris Removal Website

Please place your flood debris at curbside for collection on your regular trash day.  Please separate items by type: appliances, household furniture, and vegetative debris. Electronics should be taken to the Sanitation Department at 417 Century Court. 

If you cannot get the items out by trash day, please call (615) 794-1516 for a flood debris special pick up.   Hazardous waste cannot be collected curbside. The City does not collect hazardous waste.  The next Williamson County waste collection is in the Fall.  

City of Spring Hill

Spring Hill Waste Removal Website 

Brush and limbs cut by the homeowner less than 10 feet in length and placed at the curb will be collected by Public Works. The collection route now runs Tuesday – Friday. One truck runs a route on the south side (south of Duplex Road), while a second truck handles the north side of town. All brush and yard waste (except grass bags) should be placed at the curb.

Please keep in mind that the timeline for brush collection can vary depending on how much brush must be collected throughout the City within a given week. For example, if it’s a week following a thunderstorm, it can cause Public Works to collect far more brush than usual and can often take up to two weeks to collect all of the brush piles. Generally speaking, Public Works tries to collect all brush within a two-week period.

Williamson County Solid Waste

Williamson County Solid Waste Website

Williamson County residents are welcome to utilize the 10 convenience center locations to dispose of storm-related debris and waste. Williamson County residents may bring up to three cubic yards per day to one convenience center, which is approximately one level pickup truck load. Convenience centers and recycling drop-offs are permitted for Williamson County residential use only and are open Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., as well as Saturdays and Sundays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

No loads larger than three cubic yards, multiple loads, or out-of-county loads will be accepted at the convenience centers or recycling drop-off locations. Multiple loads and large loads must go to the Williamson County landfill located at 5750 Pinewood Road, Franklin, TN. For more information, visit