Be Prepared

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Natural and manmade hazards can cause small to large-scale disasters. Due to geographic location, Williamson County is at higher risk for some hazards compared to others. Learn more about how to be prepared and stay alert for the hazards you are most likely to encounter.

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Make a Plan

Making a preparedness plan is a critical part of being prepared for disaster. It is important to think about specific situations you might encounter, and tweak your plan for different situations. We have guidance on planning for a number of situations, from evacuations and financial planning to tips specifically for seniors or individuals with disabilities.

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Build a Kit

Building an emergency or disaster kit is one of the staples of being prepared. We provide everything you need to know about building your own kit, including suggestions for add-on items and building a vehicle kit, along with additional resources.

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Follow along with our events and preparedness campaigns throughout the year! We collaborate with to bring you most timely preparedness content possible.