There are a variety of natural and manmade hazards that can cause small to large-scale disasters. Due to geographic location, Williamson County is at higher risk for some hazards compared to others. The following is a list of the hazards that are most likely to occur in Williamson County:

Natural Hazards:

  1. Flooding
  2. Tornadoes and Severe Storms
  3. Freezes and Winter Storms
  4. Extreme Heat
  5. Drought
  6. Geologic Hazards
  7. Earthquakes

Manmade Hazards:

  1. Communicable Diseases
  2. Haz Mat Incidents
  3. Infrastructure Incidents
  4. Terrorism

Explore the hazards below and learn about how to be prepared and stay alert for each!

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Visit Tornadoes and Severe Storms
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Visit Drought
Visit Geologic Hazards
Visit Earthquakes
Visit Communicable Diseases
Visit Hazardous Materials Release
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Visit Terrorism
Hazards for Williamson Kids