Emergency Management Agency

Williamson EMA logo.

The Williamson County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) is located in the Public Safety Center at 304 Beasley Dr. in Franklin, TN. 

Williamson County EMA strives to deliver reliable and timely information concerning health and safety that could affect the citizens of the county. 

Emergency Operations Center

During a disaster, EMA manages the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC is the command center for any large scale event, and is staffed with personnel from different agencies who are involved in making decisions and disseminating information.

These personnel work together under the National Incident Management System in a joint effort to manage the incident and provide for the safety of Williamson County citizens by coordinated responses and mitigation.

The Emergency Operations Center in the early days of the COVID-19 incident.


Williamson County EMA is often called upon to assist in locating lost or endangered persons, respond to hazardous materials incidents and motor vehicle accidents, and coordinate special events. Specialized equipment and trained personnel make Williamson County EMA’s presence crucial during any disaster.

EMA has a vision for a prepared community in which every individual, family, resident, worker, visitor, government entity, and private organization is knowledgeable in and empowered to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disaster.


The mission of the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency is to improve our county’s resilience against all hazards by engaging the whole community in prevention, mitigation, response and recovery efforts. 

This is accomplished through collaborative partnerships that focus on emergency planning, development and sustainment of emergency response organizations and programs, effective communications and warnings, provision of capability enhancing equipment, development and delivery of training, and ongoing evaluation of capabilities and program efficacy.

EMA employees and partners prepare for deployment.
PInewood Rd Brush Fire

History of the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency

The Williamson County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) was initially formed in May of 1979 as the Office of Civil Defense. In September of 1984, in coordination with state efforts and the formation of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, the name was changed to the Williamson County Emergency Management Agency.

Williamson County EMA has undergone several changes since its creation, but has always remained dedicated to the mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery needed to keep Williamson County a thriving and safe community. This is achieved through emergency services training, community programs, and planning coordinated responses in advance for any hazards that may arise. 

How Williamson EMA relates to FEMA and TEMA

The Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) is the lead agency in the State of Tennessee for coordinated state level response to disaster, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the the lead agency for federal-level response. These agencies provide funding, resource and logistical support to county-level emergency management agencies during times of disaster and for preparedness and mitigation projects. 

Logos for FEMA and TEMA.