Purpose of a Reappraisal

Bring Property Values to Current Market Value

Reappraisals are mandated by the state to occur every four, five, or six years. Williamson County is on a four-year cycle. The purpose of a reappraisal is to bring property values to current market value and maintain equalization through the county.

Property Reviews

Our office conducts reviews for each property in the county on site during the first three  years of each reappraisal. During construction, we measure homes to determine the square footage and collect the information needed to determine the value. We also receive building permits from the county and municipalities to make us aware of changes being made to properties that will influence its value. Once this information is collected and our records are updated, we begin revaluing properties to current market value by looking at current sales in defined locations.

Mass Reappraisals

During a mass reappraisal, properties are grouped together by property characteristics (size, quality, and location). Recent sales within those groups are collected and analyzed. The information is reconciled and applies to each parcel group.