Do I have to attend all 3 weeks of classes?

It is highly recommended. The class is a comprehensive introduction to handgun shooting and will cover the fundamentals of shooting, types of handguns, what to expect at the shooting range, and most importantly handgun safety. You will need to attend all classes to graduate and have opportunity shoot at the WCSO Range with the WCSO Handgun Class Instructors. 

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1. Is there a cost to take the course?
2. Will this course allow me to get my Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit?
3. How do I apply to take a class?
4. How old do you have to be to take the class?
5. What is the schedule for classes?
6. Do I have to attend all 3 weeks of classes?
7. Can I simply come and shoot at the WCSO Range?
8. May we bring our children?
9. Must I own a handgun or bring a handgun to attend the classes?
10. Do you provide ammunition?