Erika's Safe.Place is a program that provides a safe environment for at-risk youth where they
can meet and feel comfortable enough to discuss and work through any issues they may face,
Offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings room 4:30-5:45 pm, located at 402 Natchez Street Franklin TN, 37064.

The curriculum was created to focus on every day issues, some of the many topics that will be
discussed throughout the five week course include: education, positive relationships,
boundaries, positive coping skills, peer-pressure, family conflict, self-esteem, anger
management, decision making, sex, and A&D education.

The goal of the program is PREVENTION-working with the at-risk population to prevent them
from re offending, being sent into custody, dropping-out of school, and/ or ultimately spiraling
downhill. Through prevention, the goal is to increase the likelihood of success offering them the
support and guidance they need to regain control of their life and become productive young
adults in their community.

  • $25 dollars a session (An expense form will be filled out for each family - financial assistance available. Families will pay what they can afford).
  • Program length: 2x a week for 5 weeks
  • Payments will be collected before each session and should be made out to Erika's Safe Place
  • Please contact Katie Creighton, MSW, CEO of Erika's Safe Place at 615-403-5556, to register for the class.


Motivational Intervention used in group setting providing substance use
prevention & early intervention
(8 Hour Class Over 2 Days)

Contact Williamson County Juvenile Court for dates
Phone: (615) 790-5812


EPIC  Girl, Inc.

Empowering girls to reach their full potential

What is EPIC Girl?

  • This class is specifically developed for girls ages 12-18 who are involved in the juvenile system through probation or other program. The program aims to help participants identify vulnerable behaviors which may lead to unsafe decisions, recognize ways to modify or manage those behaviors by identifying strengths and connect youth to community resources to empower then to accomplish their goals and reduce their risk of victimization.

Where will the class be held?

Location: Williamson County Juvenile Court, 408 Century Court Franklin, TN 37064
(Drop off and pick up will be in the Juvenile Services Lobby.
DATE:__________ TIME: 3:15-5:30 p.m.     COST: $15

Insight Program

INSIGHT was created in 2000 by the Williamson County Juvenile Court. In addition to tough 
consequences , Juvenile Court educational programs play an important role in the prevention of 
future offenses.   This program is court-ordered for first-time alcohol and/or drug offenses and is 
an effort of Juvenile Court to reach our youth outside the courtroom.

The INSIGHT program:

• Looks at the consequences and risks associated with alcohol an drug use
• Teaches the tools necessary to make better decisions about their future
•  Educates parents about the presence o  rugs and alcohol in their children's lives and sparks 

Thursday, 5:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.; parent(s) must come to this session
Saturday, 8:00 a.m.-2 :00 p.m. (exact time and location will be given)

WHERE: Williamson County Juvenile Court

FEE:   $40.00 due at first session, made payable to Williamson County Juvenile Services
Attendance for all sessions is mandatory


July 9 2020

September 17 2020

November 19 2020

Please call Juvenile Services at 615-790-5812 to register for this class.